Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Simple Diy Project

Now I am no budding Kirstie Alsop and my DIY skill are poor at best, however thats no reason for not giving things a go and a few projects have been taking my fancy of late.

Of course they needed to be simple to start with as failure was not an option or I might never have another go!

My first was simple.

To create a disney story board using the many disney dollars from our many trips we have had.
One Bargain frame from Wilkos

Dismantle completely

Sort many Disney dollars

Attach with photo corners

Check handy work prior to putting back together

Finished article

The second was to create a two tone bag as seen on A Thrifty Mrs blog.

Take one old bag

Locate some snotty green paint

Paint half of each side in said snotty green paint

Add another coat if needed

One finished two tone bag

In colours I like.

Over all I am very pleased with the results and they were all achieved by only spending pennies!

Next are a pair of shoes to get a revamp and a top.
(Keep your fingers crossed they go ok!)

What have been your DIY successes?
And what have been your disasters?

X x


  1. Great DIY's!!!

    I love Disney. It will always have a big place in my heart. Did you go to the Florida or California one?

    Gemma x

    1. We've been to Florida, Paris and Hong Kong still got California to do!

      X x

  2. Great work! the bag looks fab! I remade an old teeshirt of Jon's into a fringed boob tube and tie-dyed a vest today! x

    1. You need to give me a master class Vix, as you do it so well.

      X x

  3. the bag looks great. nice work X

  4. awww amazing that looks fab xx

  5. really impressed with that bag revamp! It looks way cool now ;) x


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