Sunday, 30 October 2011

Freebies And Frugality Of The Week

Well as I have been all thrifty and saving/not spending I thought I really ought to look at how I have done for the week;

  • Whilst I was upset about the ruining of my suit trousers I am now the proud owner of a new pair of long smart shorts!  No spend at all as my mother in law adjusted them for me (new trousers cost would have been £20)
  • A new blusher due to mine being empty, however still free as I used my boots points to replace it. (new blusher £3)
  • We have had enough vegetable given to us to last all week, kindly given to us again via the in laws from the allotment they own. (vegetable/fruit costs £5)
  • At a meeting I attended in which we had a presentation from a well know toothpaste company I was given four tubes of toothpaste to take home.  Should last us a while. (four tubes of branded toothpaste £5)
  • No paying out for ironing to be done, even though I hate it, instead my kind mom has taken it all away to do and will return it tomorrow.  Thank you mom x. (ironing cost £15)
  • I have saved approximately £10 this week in parking, just by thinking where is free even if it does include a little extra walk. (parking costs £10)
  • All mileage has been claimed along with any stationery items from work so should add £100+ back into the account.  This is only for the meeting etc that I have attended. (fuel £90, stationery costs £8)
  • I have said no to meals out, coffees out with friends and even to the youngest for wasteful things. In turn this little word must have saved me a few pounds this week that would have been wasted.  It doesn't mean I have missed out on catching up with my friends either, just that we have had coffees at each others houses rather than an expensive coffee shop. (coffees etc £10, meals £15, Ashleighs rubbish £20)
  • And I have had three free lunches too, as at meetings we have it provided. (3 lunches £9) and as for the other days I have taken in my yummy home made soup and banana cake. (2 lunches £6)
  • And of course I also stayed out for a night so had a slap up meal and wine, yummy breakfast and was even able to bring a few freebies that will be suitable for Christmas stocking fillers too. (a slap up meal and wine £30, breakfast £16 and gifts £5)
(overall saving of approximately £267!)

So all in all a frugal week I think.

What frugal things have you done this week?

X x


  1. Well done! That's a big saving. Keep up the good work. x

  2. Wow- every little thing certainly adds up doesn't it? I could certainly do with taking a leaf out of your book, I'm really bad at frittering away money on silly things! Well done you!

    xxx Maddie

  3. That's fantastic and a great way to save. I'll have to brainstorm and see if I can do something similar. Well done!!

    K xx

  4. That's very impressive. Must do something similar.

  5. You have done well. A massive saving to. It can be quite addictive this frugal stuff!. Once you get in to the mindset. Look forward to more from you. Did you ebay your clothes?that you were going to a while back?. Was it a dining table you were aiming for with it?.I may have got muddled up so ignore me if I have ! Thanks for being a great bloggy friend x x

  6. What a great (frugal) week!

  7. Thanks guys, hoping this week will be a good one too.

    No Spend Days - Your more than welcome hun! thats what we are here for. Yes the clothes sold and I even have more to get rid of so I am still hoping to get my table but we shall see.

    X x

  8. Hi there!! You've done amazingly well, a very inspirational post. I too had to say no to treats in half term and a trip out with work mates, but needs must xx

  9. Some great saving going on here! How I long for the old days when I could spend what I wanted and never had a budget. Now I have to watch every penny but in a strange way (as a previous comment also said) it can become strangely addictive and you can get a real buzz from some of the savings made. I rarely pay full price for anything now and quite enjoy shopping around and I love a freebie!


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